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I Live for Mission – A Deeper Understanding

These thoughts raced through my mind with each passing day, just two months after moving to the United States. I was ready to board the next available flight back home, but neither my daughter nor I could afford an air ticket. The cold biting winter in the state of Oregon made reality worse. I was…

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Canvassing During Communist Times

My dad, Jan Loder, liked to use his work as a means for sharing Signs of the Times magazines. Whether he worked as an electrical controller or sales representative, he always found a way to talk to others about his Savior and give them a copy of Signs of the Times. When he worked as a…

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My Guardian Angel

During Communist times the Seventh-day Adventist Church in Czechoslovakia had been under constant scrutiny. Special surveillance was executed by the State Administration (Department) for information. They zeroed in on the kind of literature the church was attempting to print. For that reason, the printing and distribution of material was difficult—and even dangerous. The church managed…

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Steps to Successful Mass Distribution of Missionary Books

Our process of ordering books begins at the end of the year. We start taking orders for books from the churches. We give the churches 10 months to pay for their orders. During the year local church publishing leaders promote the books so that members can buy the books. The books they buy are not…

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Who are we and why are we here?

The right book at the right time can indeed save a life. If you’re a colporteur, you probably already know this. I know it too, because it happened to me. A midlife crisis By the summer of 1998, I had achieved all the world says will make us happy and successful in life. Yet I…

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