Snapshots of Hope

A Wonderful Surprise One Sabbath in 2019, Teresa visited the city of Kuito in Central Angola, Southern Africa, to worship at the Central Kuito Adventist Church. Much to her surprise, a missionary testimony was given about her and her friend, Márcia, during the service. Read More Archive January 2020 December 2019 November 2019October 2019

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The Literature Evangelist

The story of human determination against God has always ended up one way. God overcomes! From scriptural accounts to the an­nals of history, human effort to subvert divine presence and will has never prevailed. The use of government and instruments of power that embrace philosophies and policies that restrict and even ban the gospel as…

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Publishing Digest

Publishing House Dedicates Two Presses The Source of Life Publishing House (SOLPH) in Russia held a special ceremony in February to dedicate two printing presses that were acquired as a result of a miracle. Read More 2020Issue 12019Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3-4Issue 5Issue 6Issue 7Issue 8Issue 9-10Issue 11Issue 122018Issue 1Issue 2Issue 3Issue 4Issue 5Issue 6Issue 72017Issue…

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