Snapshots of Hope

Woman is Baptized a Decade After Acquiring Books from Adventist Colporteur For a good part of his life, Welton da Silva, 73, worked as a literature evangelist in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. On one of his visits, selling and distributing literature, he met Luciana dos Santos, who now works as a tutor for children. Through…

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The Literature Evangelist

The story of human determination against God has always ended up one way. God overcomes! From scriptural accounts to the an­nals of history, human effort to subvert divine presence and will has never prevailed. The use of government and instruments of power that embrace philosophies and policies that restrict and even ban the gospel as…

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Publishing Digest

It's Our Time! Publishing Ministries Hosts First Online Event with Simultaneous Translation More than 11,000 colporteurs from all over the world congregated for the first ever online Global Celebration of Literature Evangelists. With the theme It's Our Time, the celebration was organized by General Conference (GC) Publishing Ministries and streamed live on Sunday, July 26, from…

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