Snapshots of Hope

Saved By The LE On a bright Monday morning a few years ago, I woke up and followed my usual routine. After morning devotion and prayer, I proceeded to canvass a village in which I felt the Holy Spirit pushing me to visit. I knocked at the first house. After I introduced myself, the woman…

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The Literature Evangelist

The story of human determination against God has always ended up one way. God overcomes! From scriptural accounts to the an­nals of history, human effort to subvert divine presence and will has never prevailed. The use of government and instruments of power that embrace philosophies and policies that restrict and even ban the gospel as…

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Publishing Digest

Closing DOWN or Opening UP? During this time of the COVID-19 pandemic, literature evangelists (LEs) have faced a time of unusual challenges, but also a time of unusual opportunities. When it would seem that some doors are closing, it has proven to be a time when many hearts are opening. Each LE has been counseled…

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