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Hope For troubled Times 


These emotions can overwhelm and consume us. They fill our minds with unanswerable questions. What will I lose? My health? My family? My job? My home? Will our lives ever be normal again? What is “normal”? We live in a sin-sick world. Catastrophes surround us, but we can surrender our fears to Jesus. He is the answer to overwhelming fears that consume our energy, rob our joy, and ruin our health. Fear is an attitude, and focus is a choice.

Fear must give way to faith as we adjust our focus.

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Hope Beyond Tomorrow

We are surrounded by the grim statistics of evil in our world. You hold this book in your hands because you want hope— hope for today, tomorrow, and forever. Every chapter of this book is filled with that message. The end of sickness, sorrow, tears, and death is coming soon! Jesus promises us a completely…

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Hope for Today's Families

We live in challenging times. Our lives are saturated by information, activities, and senseless expectations. The stresses of modern life make healthy relationships more difficult to achieve and sustain. Couples and children live under the same root but communicate poorly at best. Many want the stability of a strong family life but don't know how…

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Power of Hope

The Power of Hope This sharing book for free distribution, focuses on mental and emotional health. It focuses on how to overcome depression, anxiety, guilt and stress in the modern world. The authors, Julian Melgosa (Psychology, University of Madrid) and Michelson Borges (Journalist and Editor, Life and Health Magazine in Brazil) teach how one can…

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Story of Hope

How did our world get so messed p? Why is there suffering? Where did evil come from? Will it ever end? Questions like these trouble many thinking person. Science has no answers to them, and philosophy has many conflicting answers. Where can we find the truth? Story of Hope, an abbreviated version of The Story…

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Health & Wellness

How much would you pay to learn the secrets to lifelong health and wellness? This missionary book shows you spectacularly simple ways to avoid such chronic killers as cancer, diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. You'll learn how good nutrition heals the body and boosts the mind; how purpose increases resilience; how love and forgiveness mend…

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The Great Hope

As you go through, you may sense that the world is gripped in a conflict between good and evil From what you see in the news it may look as if evil is winning. Headlines describe famine, wars, unemployment, pollution, and disease. The media can tell you what is happening, but The Great Hope will reveal…

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When God Said Remember

In a word of rapidly improving electronics and other labor-saving devices, we have less quality time than our great-great-grandparents had. The scourge of multitasking is worn by may as a badge of honor. But the health deficits that result from such constant busyness continue to plague our society in both mind and body. God offers…

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Beyond Imagination

How many stars can you see when you look up at the night? How many are there that you can't see? Imagine this-there are more stars in the universe than there are grains of sand on all the beaches in the world! What we see when we look up-that's like a handful of sand. In…

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Signs of Hope

In a world in which life is no longer sacred, hunger and poverty are rampant, and natural disasters are worse than ever before, people find themselves hoping against hope that things will get better. This book tackles these and other daunting questions and discovers that the crisis in which we've found ourselves is itself a…

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The Ten Commandments

They aren't simply artifacts to put on display in a glass case. They are a fountain flowing with practical wisdom, offering solutions to real problems and situations all of us deal with every day. They are principles that have a reasonable application in daily life. And their verification is in their application. What would happen…

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