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Publishing Ministries Department Functions

General Conference of Seventh-day Adventist

General Coordination of the World Publishing Program

  1. Development of Publishing Ministries Department Policy
  2. Process Department Reports from the Field, Publishing Houses, and Literature Ministry 
Seminaries for the World Church
  3. Serve as Development and Resource Center of Publishing Materials for the World Field
  4. Conduct World Publishing Ministries Departmental Advisories/Councils
  5. Coordinate the Development of Publishing Projects for the World Field
    1. Departmental Web Site
    2. Video Projects Development
    3. The Literature Evangelist Magazine
    4. Publishing Digest Newsletter
  6. Supervise and Assist Division Publishing Ministries Departments
    1. Assist the Divisions in Policy Development
    2. Assist Divisions in Strategic Planning
    3. Assist Divisions in Conducting Evaluations/Surveys of the Following Entities
      1. Union Publishing Ministries Departments
      2. Publishing Houses
      3. Literature Ministry Seminaries
      4. ABC/HHES
    4. Serve as Resource Persons in the Following Publishing Meetings
      1. Division Publishing Advisories
      2. Publishing Leadership Trainings/Seminars
      3. Regular Literature Evangelist (LE) Conventions/Congresses
      4. Student LE Congresses in Colleges and Universities
      5. Publishing Administrative Seminars
    5. Supervise and Assist Publishing Houses
    6. Attend Publishing House Board Meetings (Where possible and necessary)
Assist in Securing Publication Rights, Manuscripts, and Materials for Publications
    7. Coordinate the Production and Circulation of the Missionary Literature for the World Field
    8. Share Ideas with the Publishing House Product Planning Committees in the Production of Subscription and Trade Literature
    9. Share Ideas in the Financial Operations of Publishing Houses
    10. Literature Ministry Seminaries
    11. Assist Divisions in Establishing Union Literature Ministry Seminaries (LMS)
    12. Assist Divisions in LMS Curriculum Development
    13. Assist Divisions in Conducting LMS Staff Training and Seminar/Workshop
    14. Assist Divisions in Developing Training Material/Syllabus for all LMS Subjects
    15. Assist Divisions in Supervising ABC/HHES Operations